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     JDGT-R24 Roll Case Cake Cup Machine
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     JLM-II Paper Cup Handle Machine
JDGT-R24 Roll Case Cake Cup Machine
The JDGT-R24type machine is the latest model among our roll machines for the production of paper cups. we are absorbed the advantages of equipment in the United States, Italy and so on countries to build this kind machine.
This machine is made up of completely mechanical movements in all its departments from the handling to the forming, from the unwinding to the advancement of the die-cutting step, and the precision is given by an innovative electronic control system that can be modified at any time by means of a PLC incorporated in the control panel .
Main Technical Parameter:
Mould JDGT—R24 roll case cake cup machine
Setting mould area 2-4set mould (adjust by the paper size) 400*400mm
Per mins forming paper 10-24piece
Paper dia size 30---160MM
Material 30---150gsm greaseproof paper , oil-protect paper pet paper
Speed 25---35time/mins
Air 0.1m3/min
Power 3p 220/3p 380
Total power 7KW
Weight 4000KG
Size 7000*1200*1900MM
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