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     JBZ-500 Automatic Paper Plate Machine
     JDGT-PF Muffin Cake Cup Machine
     JBZ-600full automatic special shape paper plate machine
     JDGT-TF Tulip Cake Cup Machine
     JDGT-BE Curved Lips Cake Cup Machine
     JDGT Cake Tray Forming Machine
     JDGT-R24 Roll Case Cake Cup Machine
     Full-automatic Paper Lunch Box Machine
     JBZ-400 Paper Plate Machine
     JDGT-PL Full-automatic Plum Cake Cup Machine
     ZHCJ-II Paper Meal Box Machine
     JWZ-100 Paper Bowl Machine
     JDGT-100 Semi-auto Paper Cake Cup Machine
     PYQ203 Die Cutting Machine
     ZD-420 Cup Lid Making Machine
     JBZS-B Double PE Paper Cup Machine
     JLM-II Paper Cup Handle Machine
Full-automatic Paper Lunch Box Machine

  JBZ-FC type automatic paper lunch box machine is specializing in the production of single paper lunch box, the automatic paper feeding, heating (air), alarm forming continuous process and photoelectric detection, fault, counting unloading box, cover a positioning molding machine and other functions.

  The production of products with a waterproof, anti oil, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, easy degradation, Recyclable etc, and the raw materials are easy to buy, the price is reasonable, It is the preferred equipment to replace the plastic foam lunch box products.
Main Technical Parameter:

 Raw material

20060g/Single or double PE coated paper



 Production speed


 Power voltage

220V 50Hz or 380V 50HZ

 Total power




 Air pressure

>0.6mpa 11m3/分鐘

 Package size

2200(L)*1100(W)*1700(H) mm

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